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Put Your Pictures On The Web

You've got pictures you want to share with your friends and family. They are digital images, and you can email them - if you want to flood everyone's inbox with a bunch of big files. You can burn a CD and mail it to everyone you think would like to have a copy - if you want to go through the time and expense of creating the CDs, buying packing and postage, and waiting for delivery.

It seems like there has to be a better way to share your pictures, though - and there is: Put them on a Web page, and email a link (URL) to the people you want to share them with so they can view them with their Web browser, at their convenience.

One problem, however, is that building a Web page full of pictures that loads quickly over any Internet connection takes a lot of work, and can be prone to error. Again, there is a solution:

ThmIndxrTM (pronounced "thumb indexer") is a Windows application that was written specifically to simplify the process of creating "index" pages for collections of digital images. Whether you're a novice computer user or a seasoned Web professional, you'll find ThmIndxrTM is a useful tool that can help you quickly produce the Web pages needed to display your pictures. Simple enough for a beginner, yet with a sufficiently wide range of adjustable parameters to keep a "power user" happy, ThmIndxrTM meets the needs of a broad community of users.

ThmIndxrTM automatically writes all of the HTML code required for building a Web page, and creates the thumbnail images that are a key part of building a page that will load quickly. The pages it builds are compatible with any hosting solution: Whether you use a free service such as GeoCities or MSN, or have your own Web site, displaying your image collections with pages produced by ThmIndxrTM is a simple task: After running ThmIndxrTM, all you have to do is load the HTML file, the thumbnail directories, and your original images onto your server. After doing so, you can immediately either publish the URL where you installed your new pages, or provide link(s) from your existing pages: As soon as the pages ThmIndxrTM creates are loaded onto the server, they are "ready to go."

The next release of ThmIndxrTM is planned for fourth quarter 2004, and will include creation of slide show pages, creation of intermediate-size images for high-resolution originals (an important feature if you're working with a 3+ megapixel digital camera), and support for arbitrary caption text. (For hints about the updated user interface, which show the new options that will be available for controlling ThmIndxrTM's operation, check out the TixrCmd User Interface and TixrCfg User Interface pages.) Registered users will be entitled to a free upgrade when the new version is released. Avoid the registration fee increase by registering your copy today!

version 01.22

ThmIndxrTM is a powerful, flexible HTML table generation tool. It is used to automatically create thumbnail index pages for collections of image files. The pages it produces are designed to load quickly and give the surfing browser a rapid indication of what they contain.

Unlike general-purpose page layout tools, ThmIndxrTM is optimized for creation of thumbnail image table pages. The HTML code it generates is clearly understandable and automatically produces balanced table rows, even when there are an incomplete set of images to fill the final row.

In addition, ThmIndxrTM does something no ordinary page layout tool can claim to accomplish: It creates the actual thumbnail images needed to speed delivery of your index pages across the Web. Rather than sending the full-size graphic images, which would then be resized by the surfer's browser (further adding to the time it takes a page to load), the pages ThmIndxrTM produces utilize the thumbnail images that it creates during page construction. Since the thumbnail images are typically between 1/10 and 1/100 the size of the full image, your pages are perceived as being dramatically faster in loading.

Whether you're maintaining a graphic-intensive Web site with thousands of pictures in the collection, or just have a page with a few pictures you'd like to update once in a while, ThmIndxrTM can simplify the task and save hours of time.

If you are producing a CD-ROM collection of images, you will also want to consider ThmIndxrTM for development, rather than shipping a "slide show" program: By installing HTML pages in each of the directories on your disc, you will be practically guaranteed it will be usable on nearly any computer or operating system your users are running: Anyone with a Web browser (practically everyone with a computer) will be able to access your collection with their existing software. How's that for cross-platform compatibility!

ThmIndxrTM was run on a 133 MHz Pentium system using Windows NT 3.51 with a small MPEG movie being displayed when it produced the sample pages on this site. Faster systems, obviously, will get better results.

Most of ThmIndxrTM's features are controlled through the configuration and command files, which give it an amazing level of adaptability. Nearly every aspect of the HTML page that is produced can be adjusted to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you do nothing more than define the title string for your page on the command line, the program will produce a reasonable HTML file that can be used as is.

The current version of ThmIndxrTM is shareware, with a registration fee of only $49. For that bargain price, you'll be receiving the results of well more than 1000 hours of development effort - over 59,000 lines of code written directly into this application and its supporting utilities. Download a copy, try it out, then send in the registration fee (or use the convenient online registration form) if you decide the program meets your needs: You are only obligated to pay the registration fee if you use the program to build pages that you publish on a Web site, a CD-ROM, or any other electronic media. However, in the spirit of shareware, if you use ThmIndxrTM for personal entertainment on your own machine, on a regular basis, you should send the fee in as well.

ThmIndxrTM is a "console" (text mode) application, and its configuration and command files are plain ASCII text. For a power user, this provides the maximum level of control and operational flexibility. It can also be confusing for the average user, so the ThmIndxrTMpackage includes a set of dialog-based utilities. These can be used to edit the ThmIndxrTM control files as needed, and to set up the correct command line to run the program. With the dialog graphical user interface, even novice users can easily harness the power offered by ThmIndxrTM.

ThmIndxrTM was written and originally tested under Windows NT 3.51. It has also been tested under Windows95, Windows98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 Server. It should operate just as happily in these or any later 32-bit versions of Windows. The program can be run quietly in a minimized window, or executed with an informative display that shows its progress as each image is read, processed, and added to the output page.

ThmIndxrTM, its supporting utilities and their Help files, and the program documentation were written by Fred Koschara.

Libraries used by ThmIndxrTM

ChrWndow.lib     Copyright 1989-2002 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
DOS_IF.lib     Copyright 1986-2003 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
FKETrees.lib     Copyright 1996-2003 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
General.lib     Copyright 1991-2003 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
ImgTools.lib     Copyright 1992-2003 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
IniFiles.lib     Copyright 1996-2002 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
NTIO.lib     Copyright 1996-2002 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved
Strings.lib     Copyright 1991-2003 by FKE, L5 Software.     All rights reserved

ThmIndxrTM is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
The Graphics Interchange Format is Copyright by CompuServe Incorporated.
GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of CompuServe Incorporated.

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Status & Availability

ThmIndxrTM version 01.22 is available NOW !!

ThmIndxrTM is shareware, so please, feel free to download a copy and try it out. It won't cost you anything more than the time you need to evaluate the program. You will be pleasantly surprised at the power and flexibility it offers. If you are in the business of creating Web pages, this is a tool you can't afford to work without. Even if you only occasionally put together an image index, the time you save will easily justify the small cost of registering your copy of the program. Once you've tried ThmIndxrTM, you can register your copy with our convenient online registration form, and charge your credit card, if you wish. A table explaining the pricing options is included on the ThmIndxrTM license page.

version 01.22

This beta software is provided "as is" and cannot be guaranteed to perform exactly as it is expected to. However, L5 Software is making this program suite available with the intent of fixing any bugs that are reported. When the production version is released, ThmIndxrTM will be guaranteed to perform substantially as is described in its documentation, and on its Web page.

Please report bugs     <-- (Click here)

Although we strive to test ThmIndxrTM thoroughly to insure it operates correctly, there are limitations on the process. As a result, bugs do occasionally get past us, and into the field where users find them, instead of the development team. ThmIndxrTM is guaranteed to perform as is described in its manual, and in the online documentation. In order to honor that guarantee, we need to know about any bugs you find so they can be corrected. If you do find a bug, please use our Bug Report Form to let us know, no matter how trivial it may seem to you: We want this program, and its supporting files, right!

We are also willing to accept suggestions for improvements or requests for additional enhancements. If you have an idea, feel free to fill out and submit our Suggestion Form to send it to us.

ThmIndxrTM Version 01.22 (beta)

The following updates are included in the ThmIndxrTM version 01.22 beta release:

ThmIndxrTM Version 01.21 (beta)

The following updates are included in the ThmIndxrTM version 01.21 beta release:

ThmIndxrTM Version 01.20 (beta)

The following updates are included in the ThmIndxrTM version 01.20 beta release:

The beta release of ThmIndxrTM and its utilities does NOT include an update to the manual or the Help system. These will be incorporated, along with any bug fixes resulting from the beta test program, when the final version is released.

Due to the substantial work involved in creating the new release of ThmIndxrTM and its utilities, we will be forced to increase the registration fee for the program when the final version is released. If you want to use ThmIndxrTM to build Web pages, we therefore are strongly encouraging you to register your copy today, to avoid the coming price increase.

Pending Updates

The following work items remain in the ThmIndxrTM development program. These features are enhancements that will be available in future versions of the program. Please feel free to send email if you think one of these items should have higher priority than its position on the list indicates.

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